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EatByDesign is a meal planning platform and educational tool designed to work alongside health practitioners, allied health organisations, and other wellbeing professionals in providing users with personalised nutritional guidance to help achieve their health goals.​

The software will allow users to search for recipes and meal plans suited to their health needs, and for EatByDesign to select and personalise meal plans accordingly. EatByDesign offers users the option of receiving weekly grocery deliveries for each meal plan making healthy eating easier.

While our app is under construction, we invite you to join our EatByDesign Facebook Community, a supportive group for people with specific dietary needs to find informed and evidence backed advice. We have a platform of accredited health professionals posting every week and available to answer your questions.

We encourage members to ask questions, and support others in the community.

If you have any friends or family who would benefit from this group, please request them to join, they can fit into any of the following categories: Pre-Diabetics, Diabetics, Gluten Free living/Coeliac, Low Carb Living, people with food allergies and intolerances, Lactose or Fructose intolerance or simply be wanting to eat healthier.


There is no ‘we’ in food – it’s personal.

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