Gluten Free Pantry Swaps

- By Thea

Whether you have recently been diagnosed with coeliac disease, gluten sensitivity or simply prefer to steer clear of gluten containing products, you’ll know that finding alternatives to products you’ve been using for years can be tricky.

Making the transition to a gluten free diet is a little easier when you’ve got the alternatives to your staple pantry and cooking items sorted.

The Leaf Store have an abundant range of Gluten Free Products that will make the switch to a Gluten Free life SO much easier. We’ve provide some gluten free swaps and alternatives to common household kitchen items. All these items are available in store and online at The Leaf Store:

  • Soy Sauce – Swap out the soy sauce in your stir frys and dressings for tamari. Tamari and soy are quite similar in colour and flavour, however they are a number of differences between the two. Both soy and tamari are byproducts of fermented soybeans, however tamari doesn’t contain wheat. Tamari also often has a darker colour and flavour than traditional Chinese soy sauce.
  • Breakfast Cereals – Swap out wheat containing cereals for gluten free cereals, or make your own by combining a mix of nuts and seeds and puffed rice/buckwheat. The Leaf Store have a wide selection of Gluten Free Cereals. The Byron Bay brand of muesli is a great choice, their Paleo Mix is perfect served with milk and yoghurt. However, if you’re looking for a more savoury option for Breakfast, you can’t go past an omelette or frittata made with fresh, free range eggs and a selection of in season vegetables.
  • Wheat wraps/sandwiches – Corn based wraps and tacos are a good choice in place of wheat based wraps. One of our favourite brand of Gluten Free wraps is the Old Time Bakery, Gluten Free Wraps. Another option, on the lighter side, are lettuce cups – cos or iceberg lettuce work well and it’s surprising how much filling can fit into a lettuce leaf. Lettuce is in abundance this Summer!
  • Pasta – Opt for rice noodles, rice paper rolls, or up your vegetable intake and choose spiralised vegetables as a base to your meals. If you don’t have a spiraliser, you can use a vegetable peeler to create vegetables strips. Another great option if you still want pasta is to go for a delicious and nutritious gluten free pasta, called Mung Bean pasta, by Eco Farms. This is available in the pasta aisle at The Leaf Store.
  • Cous cous – An easy switch is to sub in brown rice or quinoa.
  • Flavoured ice-cream – Home made ‘nice cream’ made with with frozen over ripe bananas, or other frozen fruits such as mangoes, berries and pineapple are a great choice. Place 1-2 cups of your frozen fruit of choice into a blender, add in a dash of milk of choice (almond or coconut work well), and blend until thick and creamy. Be careful not to add too much liquid at the start, or it will become a smoothie, rather than ice cream!


To shop for your Gluten Free products, follow this link to The Leaf Store website and place your order!

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