Dietary Specific Meal Boxes

Have you been recently diagnosed with a specific health condition that requires changes to your diet? We are here to solve the crippling question of ‘what on earth do I eat now!?’ We have a team of Nutritionists who develop our exclusive range of meal delivery boxes catering for specific health conditions. Our meal boxes are entirely Gluten Free and we’ve just launched a Vegetarian range too! Whether you have recently been diagnosed with coeliac disease, gluten sensitivity or simply prefer to steer clear of gluten containing products and eat a wholesome, healthy diet – our box is perfect for you!

We’ve partnered with The Leaf Store in Elwood, which means our ingredients are locally sourced and of the highest quality. Our meal kits include all the ingredients to make three main meals and are available for purchase every day of the week via The Leaf Store. Our boxes help you avoid the temptation of the supermarket aisles, and assist you in making lifelong habits that will boost your health and longevity.

And an added bonus – while you’re ordering your meal box, you can also shop for any other items you need from a trusted, local grocer, The Leaf Store!

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