Mindful Food

- By Thea

How often do you think about where your food comes from? I don’t mean off a tree or from the ground, I mean the farm and the location it was grown. Foods that are packaged and transported hundreds of miles should come under our scrutiny.

Why? In order to maintain shelf life and improve the sight, smell, taste and texture, something has to be done to them to keep them from rotting. This often means picking the fruit when it’s unripe and sometimes adding gases to the packaging so it withstands long distance travel.

When foods are not fresh, it drains the ability of the foods to truly nourish us. Fresh in a supermarket doesn’t necessarily mean it was pick that week or that month even.

Perhaps next time you’re doing your grocery shopping, keep this in mind as it may well affect where you choose to purchase your foods from. Try asking your local grocer or farmers market stall holders about the freshness and when/where the products were picked.

Food for thought….

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