Self awareness and food

- By Thea

Redesigning your life to better health and well-being requires permanent lifestyle changes. For some people, these are often difficult to make, but should you wish to live a healthier lifestyle, you will need to translate the desire to live healthy into real action.

We know it’s not easy so here are some basic tips to help get you started:

If you’re reading this, then we make the assumption that you’d like to change a habit. That’s great! It means that you are aware of your unhealthy behaviour, and conscious that it is not bringing you the joy and happiness you would like.

If you are conscious of your behaviour and have the desire to change, you’ve already taken the first step towards behavioural change.

For example: You’ve been eating too much junk food and sugary snacks and notice that you’re not only putting on weight, but also feeling tired and lethargic. You want to reduce the amount of junk food you’re eating so you can look and feel healthier. Each time you see a fast food restaurant or a cafe with cakes displayed, you recognise these complex emotions within you. Congrats! You’re self-aware.

From Vive, Organic Food and Health Clinic (2016)


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