Welcome to the EatByDesign Leaf Box

- By Thea

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with The Leaf Store in Elwood to bring you the EatByDesign Leaf Box.


Our exclusive meal delivery boxes featuring ingredients to make 3 main meals and 1 snack recipe, are designed by a team of incredibly talented Nutritionists. The first box will be for sale via our website in early September. We will be working closely with The Leaf Store to choose seasonally available produce and support local suppliers to ensure your meals are adventurous, nutritious and inspiring.


We are SO passionate about renewing meal times and changing the way we view our plates. The emphasis placed on convenience has reduced our capacity and need to think about what we eat and we’re here to change that.

We believe the only balanced meal is one that includes your thoughts, and that’s why a tremendous amount of thinking goes into the recipes and ingredients that are delivered each week. Our team of Nutritionists will put their own unique touch on the recipe boxes each week and will be creating culinary magic that is sure to change the way you view your meals.

Still curious, here are our values…

Our core values:

1. Real Food: real food is fresh, nutritious, predominantly local, seasonal, grass-fed, as wild as possible, free of synthetic chemicals, whole or minimally processed and ecologically diverse.

2. Thoughtful Food: We’ve become so accustomed to our current global food system that we neglect to consider, for example, where the eggs we had for breakfast came from or how long ago the carrots neatly cut into sticks and packaged in plastic were picked. We need to become more selective and take greater personal responsibility about what we put on our plates.

3. Nutritious variety: new weekly meals to inspire your cooking and encourage you to eat better and feel better.

4. Seasonal and locally sourced ingredients: we work with the Leaf Store to bring you recipes featuring ingredients that are hand picked by the team. We also highlight new products and local suppliers by including their products in the kits.

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